Meet John Valera

John Valera is an Interactive Multimedia Production Designer specializing in multiple disciplines including web design, print design & branding, video production. In addition, he also has a solid background in information technology and business.

In addition, John Valera has also worked in a broad range of fields including education, communication, the entertainment industry and in the non-profit sector. This diverse background gives John the ability to work in any industry and overcome the most difficult of challenges.

jv heartandmind


Currently, John specializes in the following:


Web Design & Development

Proven track record creating dynamic database driven websites from interface to back end content management systems.

Graphic Design & Branding

Skilled in creating logos, creating static digital layouts, designing business cards and print collateral.

Information Technology

Over 10 years of combined experience supporting, troubleshooting & designing various information systems.

Business Development

Diverse experience generating leads and sales by developing relationships and building rapport.


Skilled at shooting, editing and directing video production projects as well as designing motion graphics.

Marketing, Analytics & SEO

Understands critical data leveraged through social media and analytics to drive key decisions in design/development.

JV Unplugged

As much as he enjoys working in the creative field and with technology, John's pursuits away from his computer, iPhone and iPad lends to his balanced character and strong sense of discipline. Currently, he enjoys training the family Pomeranian Cocco and his brother in-laws late Italian Greyhound Desi teaching uber cool dog tricks. In the winter... time permitting, John will ocassionally lace up his skates at the local rink to play Drop in Ice Hockey or head to the tennis courts on rollerblades to practice his stick handling skills.

John Valera also enjoys sight seeing and photography. He has been to some pretty cool places. Born in the Philippines and growing up in various places such as Australia and New Jersey, John also enjoys traveling to far off and foreign locales imersing himself in the culture and lay of the land. His most favorite destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina. A love for traveling isn't just limited to far places, he also enjoys pushing his personal boundaries on two wheels as an avid cyclists who will often ride 50 to 100 miles per week.  

These are just some of the many things that John Valera enjoys. He has an ecclectic taste for movies and music. His creativity and "can do attitude" is derrived from all his interest and his drive to grow a little bit more each day.  Above all, he enjoys connecting with new people on a day to day basis.